Shanghai IVY Development Co., Ltd. formerly known as Shanghai IVY Solenoid Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company has established the cooperation with the European and American enterprises, which can be specialized in R & D, production and exported processing of solenoid valve and related equipments.


        The company can strictly accord with the ISO9001 quality system for production, and has a complete range of products (28 series and over 9000 kinds of specifications), with beautiful appearance, stable performance and long cycle life.The products can be widely used for aviation, aerospace, electronics, integrated circuits and other high-tech fields. Besides, SHIVY can provide national defense research, metallurgy, textiles, petrochemicals, refrigeration, air-conditioning, food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical, and other industries with excellent equipment. All the products can be far distributed to United States, Canada, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries or regions.

        The company can adhere to the purpose of "first quality, first credibility and first service", and constantly optimize the enterprise management, strengthen the sense of service as well as improve the overall quality in the company. It has owned an experienced and professional sales team for offered the customers with latest market information and reliable technical support.The company has consistently adopted the customers’ requirements and collected their feedbacks, and selected the household registration management so as to take comprehensive inspection and tracking for all Ex-work products, which can ensure that the quality of all the products will truly satisfy the customers.

Add: No. 986, Hejing Road, Anting Town, Shanghai, China
Tel: 021-59561342       Fax:021-59577019
Email:   Http:// 
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